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Instructional Resources

Teaching for Diversity, Equity and Anti-Racism

Tools for Developing Inclusive Syllabi

This 9-page tool helps you examine the inclusivity of your syllabus along multiple dimensions and provides guidance for making it more inclusive.

Anti-Oppressive, BIPOC, Scholars List

The HGSE Solidarity Collective for Black Lives curated this list of Black, anti-oppressive and critical scholarship to center and elevate the research, pedagogies, contributions, and brilliance of Black, anti-racist/anti-oppressive, critical and intersectional scholars, as demanded by HGSE students. This list can be used hand-in-hand with the inclusive syllabus tool above.

Facilitating Hot Moments in Classroom Discussion

This 4-page resource provides guidance on how to facilitate difficult conversations, ranging from the big-picture view of how to prepare before the discussion begins to the details of how a particular intervention might look and sound.

Leveraging Norms for Challenging Conversations

This 11-page toolkit unpacks how to leverage norms for challenging conversations; it includes a discussion of why norms are valuable, categories of  norms you might want to consider, processes for setting norms, how to respond to norm violations, and further resources.

Fulfilling the Promise of Diversity - Facilitator’s Toolkit

This 48-page toolkit -- originally created to support instruction in various HGSE courses focused on diversity, equity, and anti-racism -- includes a host of protocols for creating inclusive and anti-racist class rooms, ideas for building community, tips for leading difficult conversations, and some case studies of classrooms who have employed these practices.

Teaching in Times of Strife and Trauma

This 2-page annotated and curated guide offers actionable ideas for teaching in traumatic times; teaching during elections; discussing difficult topics; and anti-racist, equitable teaching.

Select Instructional Moves (links) Focused on Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging:


Discussion Protocols

This popular 2-page tip sheet highlights 19 thoughtful discussion protocols that are often used in courses at HGSE.

Learning from Student Feedback

Case Studies in Formative Feedback at HGSE

This TLL blog post focuses on three valuable methods of soliciting student feedback: pre-class reading response briefs, end-of-class plus / delta feedback, and mid-course feedback.

Teams / Team Projects

Team Launch document

This 2-page document provides the steps for systematically launching student teams (goals, resources, structure, norms) and is based on research about what sets a solid foundation for teams, increasing their likelihood of constructive collaboration and successful outcomes.

Making Final Projects / Presentations Work Online

This slide deck, created for a faculty teaching lunch, helps instructors think through the best ways to have students share findings from a final project (often done in-person as a presentation or a poster session) in the online space, depending on the goals and the context.


Instructional Moves

This comprehensive website spotlights reflective Harvard professors employing instructional moves (high-leverage teaching strategies) applicable to multiple settings and grounded in teaching and learning research. Moves are anchored in videos showcasing classrooms across the university and combining class footage with reflections from instructors and students.

Course Refresh Resource

This brief guide introduces strategies to refresh courses from one semester to the next, regardless of modality.

Course Refresh Handbook

This document guides you through the course refresh process.