We are a team of learning designers, learning technologists, and media specialists. From classroom and online learning to product and media development, the TLL innovates. Our team-based approach and professional expertise bring learning experiences to life.

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Learner Centered Design

As a corollary to improving the reach and impact of assets we create, we have strong commitment to scalability. While the originating project may be aimed at a class of dozens of students, we build assets and develop infrastructure that can support hundreds or even thousands of users.


Clarify the design problem, learning objectives, and target audience. Establish project timeline, scope, and deliverables.


Create and evaluate strategies for attaining learning outcomes.


Build, assemble, and test the design.



Faculty Centered Pedagogy

We are a full-service design and development shop built to bring faculty ideas to life. We support teaching and learning - wherever and whenever it happens. We partner with faculty to support classroom-based instruction by developing teaching assets such as cases, simulations, discussion protocols, and other curricular assets.


We consult with faculty members and teaching teams on topics that include online and residential course design, and instructional media.


Create and evaluate strategies for attaining learning outcomes.


We incorporate research principles and proven best practices into our design and development models and follow industry standards related to accessibility and design.