We are a team of learning designers, educational developers, learning technologists, and media specialists. From supporting classroom and online learning to creating and assessing learning experiences, the TLL team brings a mindset of innovation, experimentation, and analysis to our work. Our team-based approach and range of professional expertise allow us to see projects through ideation and discovery to delivery and iteration.

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Learner Centered Design

We put the learner at the center of everything we create. Through focus groups, user testing, and rapid prototyping we strive to understand the needs of our learners. We focus on continuous improvement nd scalability to ensure the learning experiences we create are effective. 


Clarify the design problem, learning objectives, and target audience. Establish project timeline, scope, and deliverables.


Create and evaluate strategies for attaining learning outcomes.


Build, assemble, and test the design.



Faculty Centered Support

We bring faculty ideas to life, both through an array of teaching consultation services and through the design and development of poweful learning experiences. We support teaching and learning -- wherever and whenever it happens -- and strive to make teaching and learning at HGSE more effective and more enjoyable. 


We consult with faculty members and on topics that include course design, inclusive teaching techniques, leveraging instructional technology, and assessing student learning.


We help faculty create, implement, and evaluate innovative teaching techniques, allowing them to tailor their instruction to best meet the needs of their students


We incorporate research principles and proven best practices into our design and consultation practices, and we collect evidence to inform continuous improvement of learning experiences.