Through its three-part strategy, the TLL supports the faculty and programs of the Ed School in designing and developing powerful learning experiences—both residential and online—in our courses, degree and certificate programs, and professional institutes:

Design of Learning Experiences. The TLL provides team-based instructional design and development support for lessons, modules, courses, institutes, and programs. From a faculty member’s idea, to development, delivery, and assessment, the TLL offers consultation and production resources to achieve intended learning goals.

Teaching. The TLL provides support to faculty members for continuous innovation in and enhancement of teaching. These include consultations, faculty-led workshops, seminars, grant programs, assistance with course planning, teaching support, and more.

Developing and Disseminating. The TLL works with faculty members to develop “reusable learning objects” for HGSE and the broader field of education, including teaching cases, online modules, simulations, assessments, activities, teaching protocols, and other assets.

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