How is the TLL organized?

A director with extensive pedagogy and design expertise, ranging from residential to online education, manages the portfolio of team-based projects in consultation with faculty leads. The TLL works under the oversight of the Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching. The Associate Dean for Planning and Outreach supports product development and dissemination efforts.

Postdoctoral fellows and graduate fellows participate in instructional design and curriculum development. Members of the TLL work closely with Gutman Library, Programs in Professional Education (PPE), the Harvard Education Publishing Group (HEPG), and the Usable Knowledge project to provide services to faculty members and programs through the full life cycle of needs analysis, design, production, and delivery.

What are the priorities of the TLL?

The TLL’s priorities are tied directly to HGSE’s strategic academic initiatives outlined by Dean Long. The TLL accelerates the process for faculty members to develop new curricula and teaching practices that serve the HGSE community and the field in innovative ways. 

The TLL is also dedicated to supporting our faculty in their degree program and professional eduation teaching through providing individual consultations and group professional development opportunities, helping to develop insitutional teaching and learning initiatives, and creating instructional resources. These resources, such as the Instructional Moves project, also offer valuable tools for others in the field of education. 

How does the TLL work with other schools and partners?

The TLL maintains close and mutually supportive ties with teaching and learning centers at Harvard (such as the Bok Center and SLATE) and with other professional schools nationally. Our faculty have access to a broad consultative network for questions related to teaching and curriculum development.

What opportunities are there for HGSE students within the TLL?

HGSE students are passionate about teaching and learning, and they are a key resource for HGSE, the university, and the field. The TLL provides a challenging and supportive environment for their growth as designers of effective learning experiences. Master’s and doctoral students at HGSE are eligible for paid and credit-bearing design, production, and assessment opportunities.

How do I get involved?

We welcome your ideas and questions about the TLL. Please contact Bill Wisser, Director of the TLL, to share your feedback or discuss potential projects of interest to you, or contact the team here.