Usable Knowledge Webinars

Usable Knowledge Webinar LogoUsable Knowledge Webinars are a series of actionable and thought-provoking sessions that provide new perspectives on critical topics in education. Hosted by members of the faculty, the webinars focus on an area of key interest to today’s educators, policymakers, and parents.

Project Objectives The webinar series is designed to bring low-cost, accessible, and engaging content to educators, policy makers, and community members. The sessions are derived from faculty research and practice and provide immediately applicable information, ideas, and strategies to participants. Collaboration and connection are seen as vital components of meaningful online learning and are embodied in the webinar series.

TLL Engagement The TLL worked closely with Programs in Professional Education, Marketing, and Communications to bring faculty voices directly to the field. Through instructional design focused on engagement and collaboration, technology designed to enable interactivity and dialogue, and resources that included visual presentations, brief video content, and teaching and learning tipsheets, the TLL created an online environment for participants that was personal, accessible, and information rich.

Timeline Summer 2015

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