T-127 Practicum

T-127A (Fall 2015)
T-127B (Yearlong 2015-2016)
T-127C (Spring 2016)

This project-based practicum provides students with the opportunity to participate in the instructional design and development of curricular assets for face-to-face, online, and blended learning experiences as part of HGSE's new Teaching and Learning Lab (TLL). The TLL advances the teaching and impact mission of the HGSE through the creation - in close partnership with faculty members and teaching teams - of innovative, research-based teaching assets and learning experiences. Examples of curricular assets developed by students in the TLL Practicum may include teaching cases, role-plays and simulations, online modules, course elements, assessments, discussion protocols, and other resources for active learning.

Students will work in small groups associated with one of the three strands within the TLL (learning design and evaluation, professional pedagogy, and learning technologies). Students will be embedded in cross-functional teams and will participate in weekly sessions that investigate novel designs, the evaluation and assessment of learning objects, and emerging trends in the field through common readings, collective and individual exploration, and interaction with workshop guests from the broader community of teaching and learning support at Harvard and beyond. Students will participate actively in group exploration, team-based design and development on a TLL project, and individual inquiry related to a specific area of interest. Each student will produce a culminating professionally relevant portfolio that highlights the application of research-based principles to the production of learning experiences and assets.

Permission of instructor required. Enrollment limited to students with an approved project role within the Teaching and Learning Lab. Information about available project opportunities and enrollment procedure will be posted on course website.