Central to the TLL's mission is the creation, support, and dissemination of high-quality teaching and learning resources for the HGSE community. Here you will find a collection of curricular assets, teaching guides, activities, exercises, strategies, and more.

More Resources Coming Soon! Check back as we update and organize relevant TLL resources for use by the community.

The Learning Loop is a monthly TLL publication that serves as a compilation of insights, project and partnership spotlights, and practical tips from the Teaching and Learning Lab. Browse past issues of the Learning Loop via the links below:

Learning Loop | October 2017: Adding Instructional Moves to Your Pedagogical Toolkit
Learning Loop | April 2017: Using Protocols to Facilitate Discussion
Learning Loop | February 2017: Design Thinking in the Classroom
Learning Loop | January 2017: Formative Feedback
Learning Loop | November 2016: Open Classrooms
Learning Loop | October 2016: Teaching and Race and Racism
Learning Loop | September 2016: HTF Collaboration
Learning Loop | August 2016: Course Shopping
Learning Loop | July 2016: Welcome