Modular Learning Assets (MLAs)

Modular Learning Assets (MLAs) 
are lightly facilitated, short-form learning experiences providing thousands of educators with access to research-based practices from HGSE faculty at an affordable price point. The TLL partnered with PPE in the conception and implementation of this unique approach to reaching the field.

Project Objectives MLAs provide an accessible entry point for engagement with a broad audience of educators, leaders, parents, and others. They also provide an opportunity for educators to engage with HGSE faculty research, identify connections to their practice, test ideas, and reflect with a community of practice. These modular assets also provide PPE and the School with the flexibility to “mix and match” experiences with other offerings, as pre-work, follow-on resources, and/or to package them together into a series of experiences around a common theme.

TLL Engagement The TLL works with PPE, faculty, and doctoral students to create these learning experiences. The learning design features a low-touch facilitation model maximizing peer learning with self-assessment, reflective dialogue, and high-quality, accessible, multimedia materials. Each experience includes:

  • Content: Faculty video (45-60 minutes total divided into 5-10 minute segments), readings and research summaries
  • Application & Reflection Discussion Boards: a forum for further synthesis and refinement of practice with an online community of practice
  • Self-Assessments: multiple-choice quizzes to check understanding and open-ended self-reflection prompts

Timeline The first MLA launched in January 2016, followed by two more this past spring semester. This summer, the TLL and PPE will work with faculty and doctoral students to develop several additional offerings to launch throughout the coming months.

Learn More about a recent MLA offering, The Opportunity of Bilingualism: Serving Today’s Young English Language Learners