Andrea Flores | Senior Learning Designer

Andrea FloresAs a senior learning designer at the TLL, I wear many hats throughout the day. Sometimes I’m developing and training new learning designers, devising and improving processes and systems, collaborating with faculty, and other times I’m working as a creative designer and project manager, or I’m advising and mentoring students on their projects.

I graduated from HGSE in 2014 with an Ed.M. in the Technology, Innovation, and Education program. My path to education was not a straightforward one, as I spent some time working in aerospace, transportation and logistics, and industrial supply distribution. Throughout that time, I realized that what I really enjoyed was developing people and using design and systems thinking to improve the lives of others. I was also looking for a way to continue with my love for language and other cultures. So, I packed up my bags, left the country, and worked in Latin America and Asia for many years as a TESOL educator. Since then, my interests have extended into learning experience design, adult learning and development, cross-cultural learning design, and the use of emerging technologies. In my free time, I enjoy catching a flamenco show, painting watercolor postcards, and practicing yoga.