T-127 Student Experience

by: Jillian Rubman

Back in September, as new students in the HGSE master’s programs, we found ourselves face-to-face with a huge array of courses and activities to consider. Should we spend most of our time at the Ed. School or doing off-campus internships? How many courses could we take, really? Four? Five? Six? In the midst of all that wonderful chaos, the T127 Teaching and Learning Lab Practicum course stood out for me. I was looking to get hands-on experience with media and learning design in higher education; the class looked like a great way to step into that world. So I enrolled in a semester of experiential learning with the TLL — and I enjoyed it so much I decided to stay there through the spring semester!

This video explores two semesters of hands-on exploration of the higher education “ed tech” scene. At the beginning of the program, my biggest challenge was choosing just a few activities out of a wealth of learning opportunities. Now, I’m glad to say that the Teaching and Learning Lab has been an amazing part of both my academic experience and my practical education at HGSE.

T-127 Student Experience Video

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