The Learning Loop: An Iterative Dialogue Between Faculty and Design Partners

by: Bonnie Anderson

“[A] thermostat that automatically turns on the heat whenever the temperature in a room drops below 68°F is a good example of single-loop learning.

A thermostat that could ask, "why am I set to 68°F?" and then explore whether or not some other temperature might more economically achieve the goal of heating the room would be engaged in double-loop learning.1”... Read more about The Learning Loop: An Iterative Dialogue Between Faculty and Design Partners

The Making of a Learning Designer: Part 1

by: Bonnie Anderson

One of the questions we ask prospective learning designers is, “If you get this job, how will you describe your new role to your friends and family?” The way a candidate answers this question can reveal much about their understanding of and approach to the work of learning design.

What does a learning designer do, exactly? What makes this role distinct from that of an instructor, program developer, learning technologist, or media producer? How does a person become a dedicated learning designer….and why might they want to do so?  In this series of posts, I will explore these questions with the aim of helping both prospective designers and those who collaborate with designers to understand the work, approach, and skills of those in this role. Specifically, I will look at the most common roles and responsibilities of learning designers (also known as instructional designers), the attributes and competencies of effective learning designers, the art and science of learning design as a collaborative process, and developmental paths toward becoming a learning designer.... Read more about The Making of a Learning Designer: Part 1

The Challenge of Teacher Development

by: Steven Sofronas

Here at HGSE and at educational institutions around the world, there is a lot of talk about providing adequate structure in order to promote student agency. It is an issue that educators at all levels and contexts grapple with when designing learning experiences for their students, and it is as important to professors at graduate schools of education as it is to elementary school teachers across the country.

As the field of education continues to move away from memorization-based pedagogy in favor of strategies that promote personalized learning and increased metacognition, educators are facing challenges in implementing strategies that encourage their students to think critically, collaborate with others, and solve real world problems. Many educators have little experience in moving beyond traditional instructional strategies. This lack of experience and training poses a formidable barrier to significant change.... Read more about The Challenge of Teacher Development

Creating and Nurturing a Culture of Innovation

by: Arti Sharma

Pursuing the best suited solution to a pedagogical need often means taking a gamble on something we have not tried before; it requires prioritizing teaching and learning needs while still being mindful of what is technically or strategically possible. In developing the latest version of Including Ourselves in the Change Equation with Bob Kegan and Lisa Lahey, we had to step out of our comfort zones and ramp up on several fronts in order to best support the learning outcomes of the experience.... Read more about Creating and Nurturing a Culture of Innovation

The TLL Goes to BIF

by: Brandon Pousley

“How can an ex-offender entrepreneurship program help redefine blended learning?”

“Why might we consider a Bittorrent bundle a good business decision?”

“And what in the world is a block chain?”

BIF StorytellerThese were just some of the questions asked at this year’s Business Innovation Factory (BIF) Collaborative Innovation Summit in Providence, Rhode Island. Two and half days of powerful stories about business, history, education, art, adventure, and more brought together 400 innovators to think about how we might reimagine social systems in a rapidly changing world. BIF is focused on catalyzing new approaches to tackle complex challenges. Their annual summit is an opportunity to share the stories of those leaders who are creating change and connect those from across industries and roles to build community around active problem-solving in the social sphere.... Read more about The TLL Goes to BIF