March 2016

The Challenge of Teacher Development

by: Steven Sofronas

Here at HGSE and at educational institutions around the world, there is a lot of talk about providing adequate structure in order to promote student agency. It is an issue that educators at all levels and contexts grapple with when designing learning experiences for their students, and it is as important to professors at graduate schools of education as it is to elementary school teachers across the country.

As the field of education continues to move away from memorization-based pedagogy in favor of strategies that promote personalized learning and increased metacognition, educators are facing challenges in implementing strategies that encourage their students to think critically, collaborate with others, and solve real world problems. Many educators have little experience in moving beyond traditional instructional strategies. This lack of experience and training poses a formidable barrier to significant change.... Read more about The Challenge of Teacher Development

Challenging Assumptions (with Vertical Video)

by: Elias Polcheira

Let’s talk about audience. It is important to recognize the trend that vertical video is becoming more popular because of social media apps such as SnapChat and Periscope. If we look at the demographics of SnapChat, for example, we know that it has been quite popular among Millennials aged 18 to 34. It’s still behind Facebook on the number of hours spent in-app, but it’s already ahead of Twitter. Keeping that in mind, I would like to ask: can we leverage mobile vertical videos in education?... Read more about Challenging Assumptions (with Vertical Video)