September 2015

The TLL Goes to BIF

by: Brandon Pousley

“How can an ex-offender entrepreneurship program help redefine blended learning?”

“Why might we consider a Bittorrent bundle a good business decision?”

“And what in the world is a block chain?”

BIF StorytellerThese were just some of the questions asked at this year’s Business Innovation Factory (BIF) Collaborative Innovation Summit in Providence, Rhode Island. Two and half days of powerful stories about business, history, education, art, adventure, and more brought together 400 innovators to think about how we might reimagine social systems in a rapidly changing world. BIF is focused on catalyzing new approaches to tackle complex challenges. Their annual summit is an opportunity to share the stories of those leaders who are creating change and connect those from across industries and roles to build community around active problem-solving in the social sphere.... Read more about The TLL Goes to BIF