Strategic Teaching and Learning Support The Teaching and Learning Lab (TLL) is dedicated to supporting the strategic initiatives of the School through the design and development of curricular assets, regardless of modality. The TLL helps bring faculty ideas to life through consultation, planning, media development, and asset deployment to enhance learning experiences both inside and out of the classroom. The TLL collaborates with faculty and their teaching teams and partners with students and staff from across HGSE to advance innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

Team-Based Approach The TLL is a collaborative, process-driven organization. All project planning begins with a detailed needs analysis that includes stakeholders and outlines roles, responsibilities, timeline, and budget. Once approved, projects are led by a TLL staff member who maintains a project plan and ensures deadlines are met and all members of the project team stay in close communication. All projects in the TLL are developed through a team-based approach that leverages the expertise of relevant TLL staff members and other HGSE stakeholders to create an efficient, collaborative process.


Commitment to Reusability and Scalability The TLL is committed to the efficient allocation of resources through an approach that considers reusability and scalability at all steps in the process. All curricular assets designed by the TLL are developed to be used across multiple modalities and in various learning contexts. This approach is designed to maximize faculty and School investment of time and increase reach and impact of teaching and learning assets.


Professional Expertise The TLL team includes expert practitioners with experience in classroom and online teaching, multi-modal courses design, and product and media development. The broad range of expertise allows the TLL to support the holistic development of curricular assets, from initiation and design through development and deployment.